The change life cycle framework is a set of subprocesses where multiple activities take place in a nonsequential way. The model is iterative and adaptive change occurs on a continual basis in response to evolving circumstances.

Formulate Change

Translate an organization’s strategic plan in to tangible objectives.

- Identify the need for change
- Assess the readiness for change
- Delineate the scope of change

Plan Change

Include the “what” and “how” of the change so that people, process, technology, structure, and cultural issues are all integrated into the overall plan.

- Prepare the organization for change
- Mobilize stakeholders
- Deliver project outputs

Manage Transition

Link the change initiative with the operations of the business in the transition process.

- Transition outputs into business
- Measure adoption rate and outcomes
- Adjust plan to address discrepancies

Sustain Change

Sustain the change through ongoing activities that exceed the traditional scope of the project.

- Ongoing communication, consultation, and representation of stakeholders
- Conduct sensemaking activities
- Measure benefits realization

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