Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a knowledge base of integrated patterns for enterprise-scale lean-agile development.

The ultimate responsibility for adoption, success, and ongoing improvement of Lean-Agile development lies with the organization’s existing managers and leaders. Only they can change and improve the systems in which everyone operates. Many leaders need to offer a new style of leadership, that teaches and engages individuals and teams to reach their highest potential.

Enterprises must learn how to adapt quickly to changing economic conditions and technology. Even businesses that are not IT or software companies – services, manufacturers, healthcare institutions, governmental agencies, and more – are highly dependent on their ability to produce new digital products and services. SAFe is drawn from four bodies of knowledge: Agile Development, System Thinking, Lean Product Development, and DevOps and it is designed to assist enterprises with the growth of their digital business.

Core values of SAFe include the following: Alignment on Strategic Themes, Portfolio, Program and Team Backlogs, Vision, and Roadmap. All is visible. All is resolved. All is known. Cadence and synchronization ensure continuous alignment and decentralized technical and economical decisions work better.

Every increment of the solution reflects quality standards. Quality is not «added later». Software is tested first, its integration is continuous, and the ownership collective. Frequent system and solution-level integration, solution testing of functional and nonfunctional requirements, system and solution dems.

No one can fix a secret, therefore transparency is extremely important. Building trust takes time. Trancparency is the enabler for trust. Make portfolio kanbans and program backlogs available. Inform stakeholders and incorporate lessons learned. The team can see what might be headed their way.

Teams need to execute and continuously deliver value. Focus on working systems and resultant business outcomes. SAFe focuses implementation intitially at the program level to avoid frustration when struggeling to deliver large amounts of solutions. Active support of the lean-agile leaders is required.

The Foundation of SAFe is Lean-Agile Leadership. Management applies and teaches Lean thinking and bases decisions on long-term philosophy.

Four pillars form the SAFe house of lean:

1. Respect for people and culture: Culture change comes last, not first and needs changing of the entire organization.
2. Optimize continuous throughput of value with built-in quality. Manage variability and use fast feedback loops for decision-making.
3. Producers innovate and customers validate.
4. Apply Lean tools to identify and address root causes for a relentless improvement.

The Goal is value creation with sustainable shortest lead time, high morale, safety and customer delight.

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