The Scales Agile Framework is ultimately focused on the customer. Customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of the value created by a business solution. Customer centricity is a mindset and a way of doing business. It focuses on creating positive experiences for the customer throughout the full set of products and services offered. The seven following topics help achieve this.

Lean portfolio management: In order to align the strategy, the funding, and the execution of projects lean portfolio management is used. Operations need to be optimized across the portfolio. Decentralized decision-making is empowered by lightweight governance.

Organizational agility: The lean and agile mindset needs to be created around the entire enterprise. Business operations should be leaned out. Opportunities and threats need to be recognized and responded to quickly.

Continuous learning culture: Learning should be a common task that makes teams grow together. Exploration and creativity help teams to stay inspired. Continuously improving solutions, services and processes should be everyone’s responsibility.

Lean-agile leadership: People get inspired by modeling desired behaviors. Mindset, words, and actions need to be aligned to lean-agile values and principles. Leaders should actively lead the change and guide others to the new way of working.

Team and technical agility: teams become high-performing when they are cross-functional and agile. The business solutions are built by business and technical teams. High-quality business solutions are what delight customers in the end.

Agile product delivery: In the center of the product strategy is the customer. The development takes place on cadence and the release on demand. Exploration, integration, deployment, and innovation take place continuously.

Enterprise solution delivery: for really big systems lean system engineering can be applied. The full supply chain needs to be coordinated and aligned. Live systems need to be continually evolved.

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