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Enablers for good leadership - Enabler #4: Cultivating Narrative Intelligence

Why do People Change Their Minds? “How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!” – Jane Austen. Understanding why people change their minds is essential to leadership. Why do we decide to devote our lives to one thing or another for example? People don’t sit down and make a rational analysis of all the possible things that they could do with their lives. Rather, their eyes light on some particular course of action that caches their attention, and then the reasons why that course makes sense come quickly.


Enabler #2: Committing to the Story of Change

An important foundation of leadership is for leaders to settle on their own story. Are they themselves ready for the challenges of leadership? Are they ready to commit to the worthwhile goal?

If leaders have not achieved sufficient commitment, the goal will seem small and even boring, as though spending energy and effort in accomplishing it will make little difference in the overall scheme of things. They will only find themselves avoiding issues and saying things they don’t really mean.

Once a commitment is made, the goal will seem larger and more exciting. Leaders will find themselves saying what they really mean and sometimes saying things they didn’t know they knew. The focus of the discussion is around why the goal must be achieved, because its vital for the future.


Enablers for good leadership - Enabler #1: Inspiring Change Idea

"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.” – George Bernard Shaw

Think of two children learning to play the piano. One child loves it. She enjoys the sound of music and practices as often as she can because it’s a joy. She inspires her friends with her playing and it fills her life with meaning. She has won a prize for her effort, but this recognition isn't nearly as important to her as the joy that she gets from the playing itself. Meanwhile another child studies the piano, playing only because her parents have told her that she must. She dutifully practices the pieces, but it gives her no pleasure.

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