Our Services within the area of Data Protection & IT-Security

We are happy to support our customers within the following main areas:

Office 365 & SharePoint

We are happy to introduce a customized Office365 solution for our customers. This will increase the internal company communication capabilities and enrich the data exchange based on a SharePoint platform.

Document Management

machCon introduces adaptable area or company wide document management systems which allow to keep track on structured and non-structured data and grant role-based data access.

Archiving & ILM

The decommissioning or archival of IT applications or IT systems usually comes along with a high potential of cost savings. We help our customers to decommission obsolete legacy systems to realize these benefits.

Data Migrations

In the course of IT applications being replaced by new ones, most commonly a certain set of information is required to be migrated to the new system. We help with a lean approach - also suitable for SAP S/4 HANA!